Best Desert Safari Dubai

The 08 Best Place to Stay in Dubai for Nightlife

Like everything that the city of Dubai has to offer, one thing that is worth marveling is the nightlife scene. From swanky nightclubs to elegant bars, this city’s entertainment options are endless. The main thing to keep in mind when you set out to have a great night, is that everyone in your party has to be over 21 years of age, since Dubai’s door policy does not allow serving alcohol to minors.

Best places to stay in Dubai for Nightlife

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The 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

When going out for dinner or lunch then consider only the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai. Check this list that include menu, price, contact number and address.  Dubai may be land of the Bedouins but surprisingly with so many people from all over the world travelling to this amazing land, vegetarian food has slowly found its place amidst the traditional cuisines. Vegan and vegetarian food are gradually taking over the entire world with its multitude of mouth-watering options. But still vegetarian travelers face trouble looking for good vegetarian restaurants. Even meat eaters look for plant-based options once in awhile and opt for healthier options now and then while travelling or otherwise. Many restaurants now have started offering these glutens free healthy veg options.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai Safari Park Entry Timing, Fees & Attractions Information

Dubai Safari Park is one of the newest attractions that have sprouted in Dubai, replacing the aging Dubai Zoo, and is now home to more than 3,000 animal specimens. The Dubai Safari Park is spread across a staggering 119 hectares. This animal sanctuary opened its doors on the 12th of December 2017, and it aims to be a recreational as well as an educational attraction with both local and foreign animal species. While some of the animals have been donated from other zoos, some have been rescued and are placed here for rehabilitation.

Safari Park Dubai Information from Entry Timing, Ticket Pricing and many more

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Top Coolest Places to Visit in Dubai in 2022 Summer

When it is summer in Dubai that means it is all about great dining, going out, and no queues. So instead of staying indoors, you need to come out of the closet and explore Dubai and its magnificence. There is a plethora of attractions, but we bring forth top 5 attractions.

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Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The beautiful Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is spread in 225 km, find its opening timing, entry fees, ticket booking, contact number and attractions. Amongst the towering buildings and modern architectural marvels, Dubai has also taken a step ahead to preserve its natural beauty – the beauty of the sprawling desert! The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) was built with the idea in mind to protect the threatened species of plants and animals and hold on to the heritage of the emirate. With years of dedication this place is now a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

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Motiongate Dubai Tickets for Theme Park

Grab your tickets for Motiongate Dubai at best price. Get upto 53% off on group booking, timing, offers, inclusions details are available. Dubai has mesmerized the entire world with its luxurious settings coupled with a Bedouin backdrop.  Not only is the place loaded with the oomph factor, it displays few of the most spectacular man made wonders.  From classy shopping malls, luxurious hotels, tallest skyscrapers and theme parks, Dubai is one place where there is not a moment of boredom.

Motiongate Theme Park

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What are the best things that you can buy from Dubai Airport?

The duty free shops at the Dubai airport are a treasure trove. The stores have a wide range of chocolates, a wide variety of dates, dry fruits, perfumes, cigars and cigarettes to carry home to your friends and family. You have a wide range of makeup and other women’s items to choose from. Besides, buying liquors is legal and they allow 4 liters per person. You name a brand and they have it one their stock. During Ramadan they have real good offers on liquors and other stuff. You should look out for those offers at Dubai duty free because they are not easy to get anywhere else in the world.  

Shopping at Dubai Airport

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How Much Gold I can Bring from Dubai to India

Gold is one of the most valuable metals found. The substance also has a great commercial value for the economy and has been recognized as a very valuable possession for individuals and organizations alike. Due to its value as a financial asset, there are a number of restrictions on import of gold and being Dubai is a country very rich in the resource.

How much gold can brought from Dubai to India

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai for Free

10 Places to visit in the Dubai for almost free with your friends, family and kids. These tourist places are among the top destinations for 2019 activities. Dubai is marked by its luxurious getaways and extravagant lifestyle. Amidst the tall skyscrapers, expensive restaurants and perfectly manicured lawns, there is this humble side to the city which is equally magical as its modern self. Visit to Dubai can bore a hole in the pocket but it is surprising to know that there are several places which can be visited without spending a dime. Let’s explore 10 such amazing spots in Dubai where you don’t have to care to shell out cash!

Top Places to visit Dubai for free

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List of Most Common Dubai Customs Prohibited Items

These items are strictly prohibited and should not carry in Dubai. Make sure to follow the customs guidelines on banned items and avoid to carry while entering in Dubai. The customs regulations In Dubai are extremely stringent. Similar to any other destination, visitors may be checked by the customs authorities at the airport. However, the customs in Dubai are stricter owing to religious rules and traditions. Restricted products are any merchandise the import or export of which is denied under the arrangements of the Common Customs Law or some other direction or law pertinent in the State.

Banned items to carry in Dubai

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