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Museum of Illusion Dubai

One of the finest places for family outings or hangouts in Dubai is the Museum of Illusion. Situated in Al Seef, the place offers a different and unique combination of 2D and 3D art. Museum of Illusion is ideal for taking amazing pictures and enjoying the atmosphere.

Museum of Illusion in Dubai is a part of the global chain of museums. The first museum of this style was opened in 2015 in Croatia. The Dubai museum is the largest and best of all international museums of illusion. The architects, engineers and designers have done a wonderful job to deliver a happening place for a family adventure.

A unique place for all – Museum of Illusion Dubai!

From children to adults, everyone will be happy to visit the Museum of Illusion in Dubai. The appealing atmosphere with uniquely designed rooms is based on different concepts. Architects and designers have correctly employed their brains to represent the beautiful outcome in the form of an illusion museum.

Over 80 wonderful displays are offered, which will blow your mind. A variety of rooms is constructed to spin everyone’s mind.

Exhibits in Dubai’s Museum of Illusion:

The cool and vibrant effects in the Museum of Illusion bring major attraction for the public. Various exhibits open rooms for artistic qualities and innovation. The visitors will find interactive plaque cards which describe the illusions. Such plaque cards are available outside each room and architects and designers have put forward their view behind making such incredible pieces.

Few exhibits with their concepts are given below:

1. Clone Table: The concept of a clone table is unique, which displays two mirrors at 60° angle. The structure shows five reflections of a sitting person.

2. Chair Illusion: The illusion makes the person standing beside an average-sized person look like a dwarf. This illusion is inspired particularly by the work of a psychologist, Jean Beuchet.

3. Anti-gravity or Upside-down room: It is very clear from the name of the room that a person might feel like flying in the air.

4. Ames Room: This room is designed in such a way that person who will be standing in the right corner will look giant. On the other hand, the person on the left side will look tiny.

5. Head on a Platter: This illusion is much like a magician’s trick. In this trick, only the head and platter of a person will be seen while the rest of the body is hidden.

6. Dilemma Games: These games are for people of all ages. To keep their mind active and sharp, such games are designed, and this will help people use their brains effectively.

7. Stereogram: It is a 3D puzzle with a hidden object inside it. The person needs to discover the object to solve the puzzle. But, you can solve the puzzle only when you look at it from the right position.

8. The Vortex Tunnel: The architect has gone beyond expectation to blow everyone’s mind. In this illusion, people need to keep a good balance while observing the rotating atmosphere around them.

People of all ages will be happy to visit the Museum of Illusion. The place will allow people to apply their brains and give their minds healthy exercise. You can visit the Museum of Illusion from 10 am to midnight from Thursday to Saturday. For the rest of the days, you can visit the place from 10 am to 10 pm.

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