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Enjoy the Quad Bike Safari in Dubai to experience the 200 CC dune buggy. Best deals and offers available for 2021-2022 booking. Rent a quad bike at cheap and get the best price today. It will give your vacation the James Bond-esque twist that it needed!

In this awesome desert travel package, you have the chance to take a trip through some interesting and hidden pathways through the desert while riding a quad bike in desert Safari. Being a four wheeler, it requires no specific training in advance, being perfectly safe and easily manoeuvrable. It does not matter if you are a novice, or a seasoned biker, all you need is our simple safety demonstration and short instruction demo before you can zoom into the desert on the quad bikes, having a once in a lifetime experience of nothing but you, your bike and the desert trails.

Join us to enjoy the quad bike safari in Dubai – a lifetime moment at cheapest rate that you can’t find anywhere in Dubai!!

Nothingness lies ahead of you, a picturesque view of the desert dunes and the multihued sky ever changing against the desert landscape. Of course, the desert safari is not limited only to the quad biking. It covers further fun activities that you get to participate in, such as dune bashing in a 4 wheel drive SUV, after which you get a ride on the back of a humpback camel, after which you get to take photographs taken in authentic Arabian attire, and get your hands adorned with Henna, and then smoke shisha around a community table. The highlight of your evening will be the scrumptious multi –course barbecue dinner that is served accompanying an evening of live entertainment including traditional specialties like the Tanura dance, or belly dancers showing off their exquisite skills.

Quad Bike Safari Dubai Package details

  • Your tour package includes a pickup from, and drop off to your hotel or place of residence.
  • Minimum age requirement for the activity is 15 years, and this is not to be discounted in any condition.
  • Our staff is thoroughly trained and qualified, and safety is a prime concern for us. You shall have extensive demonstration before the activity, and Safety goggles and a helmet will be provided by us.
  • Our equipment is state of the art, and thoroughly well maintained, including the quad bikes and the dune bashing SUVs.
  • All refreshments throughout the activity are included in the tour package itself.
  • This is a splendid opportunity to experience the authentic local culture, hospitality and cuisine.
  • Also witness nature at its finest and purest, with the most breath-taking of views and the most beautiful of settings.
  • Disclaimer against damage and personal injury is to be signed as a mandatory requirement before the activity.


FAQs Quad bike Safari in Dubai:

1. How Can I Go Quad Biking in Dubai?

Ans: You can lease quad bikes in Dubai, or you can choose a desert safari visit that permits you to attempt quad biking in Dubai.

2. Is quad biking in Dubai a part of the desert safari package?

Ans: Not all desert safaris permit you to go quad biking in Dubai. You would need to explicitly incorporate quad biking as an addition in your pass to attempt the game.

3. Who can go quad biking in Dubai?

Ans: Youngsters beneath the age of 3 are not allowed. Those between ages 3-14 can be joined by a grown-up, while those over 14 can attempt quad biking. Pregnant ladies are likewise not allowed to attempt quad biking in Dubai.

4. Is quad biking a safe sport?

Ans: Yes! There are certain rules and guidelines put in place to make quad biking as safe a sport as it can be.

5. What do you suggest I should wear to try the quad biking sport in Dubai?

Ans: We recommend that you wear comfortable and loose apparel for quad biking in Dubai, along with shoes with covered toes. It is also suggested that you carry sunscreen in case you intend to attempt the sport during the day.

6. Any particular safety measures which I should take?

Ans: We recommend you counsel your doctor first before trying to go for quad biking or Safari if:

  • You are over three months pregnant
  • Experience the ill effects of strokes or any coronary or heart condition
  • Have some other health-related concerns.

This is because it is usually encouraged not to go for quad biking or Safari in such cases.

7. Are child seats accessible on the safari visit?

Ans: Yes. We can provide baby or child seats if requested earlier. We highly recommend placing your requests beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

8. What sort of food would it be a good idea for me to have before a Desert Safari Tour?

Ans: We suggest not eating any food in any event 3 hours before the visit because of possible sickness from ridge slamming. We additionally propose drinking a lot of water all through your visit, particularly in late spring.

9. Would we be able to request a specific dish or dishes?

Ans: Our supper buffet contains global cooking, which is liked by all visitors. It includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items that you can choose from as per your wish.

10. Do I need to carry my purse or wallet?

Ans: You can bring some money and a visa in the event that you might want to buy souvenirs, trinkets, food, mixed drinks, sand skiing, hill cart rides, or quad bicycles.

11. Would I be able to shop in the Desert?

Ans: Yes, feel free to shop on the campground as you wish. The shops even acknowledge credit cards.

12. Do I need to carry any particular gear along with me?

Ans: Safaris should be kept light, yet it is also recommended to keep sunscreen, a cap, or shades, and remember to get a camera (with an additional battery) to catch those cherish minutes.

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