Best Desert Safari Dubai

Taxi Apps in Dubai for Tourists

Population-wise, Dubai is similar to cities like Madrid, Chicago, and Berlin. However, the difference is Dubai is so spread out that it consumes 6 times the square mileage as compared to the cities mentioned above. Needless to say, getting around Dubai can be a little challenging without proper knowledge of public transport facilities, rideshare or … Read more

Sharjah Safari Park – Largest Animal safari outside of Africa.

When you are visiting Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, you must not miss out on visiting the Sharjah Safari. It is a unique animal safari established in the desert kingdom. Established by the Sheikh himself, it is the largest safari outside of Africa. It allows residents and tourists to enjoy all that they would … Read more

Al Zorah Beach Ajman

The United Arab Emirates boasts several stunning beaches, but there are many more outside Dubai. Some gorgeous hidden gems are relatively less crowded and more pristine. Al Zorah Beach is one such unspoiled spot in Ajman where you can marvel at the fascinating views and natural beauty. Why not visit this pristine beach whenever you … Read more

Museum of Illusion Dubai

One of the finest places for family outings or hangouts in Dubai is the Museum of Illusion. Situated in Al Seef, the place offers a different and unique combination of 2D and 3D art. Museum of Illusion is ideal for taking amazing pictures and enjoying the atmosphere. Museum of Illusion in Dubai is a part … Read more

Important Things to Consider While Choosing a Heritage Safari in Dubai

The desert is really a mesmerizing place to be in. And when it becomes an essential part of the stunning metropolis of Dubai, the outing desert experience is bound to be much more distinctive and cherishing. And a heritage desert safari is a never-miss activity and opportunity when visiting Dubai, a day away from the … Read more

Get the best experience with New Year Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is the city of dreams for many reasons but going to Dubai but returning without tasting the desert experience of Dubai is not a good thing. Despite its hot nature, the Dubai desert is one of the best places to visit. Dubai desert safaris offer two kinds of activities: cultural and adventurous. Before booking … Read more

The Best Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai, the capital city of UAE or United Arab Emirates is well-known for tourism after being among the largest business hubs of Western Asia. Dubai is well-recognized for being the tallest skyscraper and building in the World, The Burj Khalifa. Still, no Dubai vacation trip is complete without the delightful and amazing Desert Safari experience. … Read more


Want to know the Desert safari Dubai price and estimate the total trip cost? Dubai is the best place to visit with family and friends for its various adventurous and interesting sightseeing. The landscape in Dubai is mostly gravel-filled deserts that are clean, white, and smooth. The sands have crushed shells and corals in them.   It’s … Read more

Dubai Desert Safari in Summer 2022

You have planned to go on the exotic Dubai Desert Safari but aren’t quite sure whether the months of summer are suitable for this thrilling adventure sport. Well, you aren’t alone as many people suffer from the same dilemma. We assure you, during the late afternoons and the evenings, the desert is actually cooler than … Read more

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