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Evening Desert Safari


Evening Desert Safari

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  • Pick up from your hotel or residence in Dubai / Sharjah
  • Dune bashing in 4×4 by an expert driver
  • Sunset photographic opportunity
  • Camel Riding
  • Fire Show
  • Sand board and quad bike available at additional charges
  • Henna designing
  • Arabic dress photograph opportunity
  • Shisha smoking facility
  • Unlimited refreshments
  • BBQ dinner with a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  • Alcohol beverages available upon request for extra charge
  • Belly dance show in accompaniment to Arabic music
  • Tanura show by male artist
  • Separate toilet facilities for men and women
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence in Dubai / Sharjah


Pick Up Time 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM Drop Off Time 9:00 PM

Enchanting Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

An Overview:

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is also the cosmopolitan city of Western Asia. Dubai, other than being a well-known business hub, is also known for tourism. The Dubai skyline dominated with skyscrapers is also home to the largest building structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Tourist spots in Dubai include sunny beaches, Malls, Entertainment Clubs, theme parks & Desert Safaris, to name a few. Dubai tourism is a strategy devised by the Dubai Government in maintaining the inflow of foreign cash into the Emirates. Despite all the tourist destinations to visit & enjoy, the one event not be missed out in all is the desert safari.

The Evening Desert Safari:

The evening desert safari usually begins in the late afternoon. You are transported from the place of your stay in the city to the never-ending soft orange-red toned dunes of the Arabian deserts. You can witness the amazing beauty of the Arabian deserts in the backdrop of the setting sun, which is a sight to behold. With that amazing introduction of the Arabian deserts, you enter the phase in getting entertained to the hilt, culturally. You are put up comfortably at the ultra-modern Bedouin camp with a great spread of traditional & international delicacies. Take great pleasure in enjoying the night with belly dancers enticing you with their dazzling performance & relax gazing at the beautiful star-laden sky.

Advantages of Evening Desert Safari:

Morning safari causes inconvenience with the rising sun getting hotter as it moves into the afternoon. Compared to the morning safari, the evening safari starts late afternoon, a much cooler surrounding with the descending sun, making way for a cool breezy evening. The time as the sunsets with a cool breeze humming the air is the best juncture to indulge in fun activities like sand boarding, quad biking, etc. Unlike the morning safari, with plenty of time at hand relax at the famous Bedouin camp as we go further into the evening. Enjoy the night with the exotic belly dancing, stargazing from the cool comfort of the camp & devour both traditional & international cuisine. Unlike the morning safari delivering fun & adventure, the evening safari gives you both & keeps you entertained in the true traditions of the Arabian deserts.

Desert Romp:

Evening desert safaris keeps you thrilled with various activities possible on the dunes of the Arabian deserts. Every session of the desert safari, whether morning or evening, usually starts with the dune bashing. Hop into a Hummer or a Land Cruiser or any given 4×4 for dune bashing. Get thrilled while being driven over the highs & lows of the ever-shifting dunes at high speed. Post that session relax & enjoy the ambiance & silence of the desert & if an avid photographer click amazing pictures. Later thrust yourself into fun activities like riding a dune buggy or a quad bike or enjoy sliding down the dunes with a sand boarding session.

Get Entertained:

The evening safari goes further in entertaining you at the traditional Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert. At the Bedouin camp become a local by riding a camel or get decorated with beautiful henna designs or fun tattoos, and even enjoy smoking a flavorful shisha. Add to it the exhilarating performance of the exotic belly dancers which will leave you enthralled even more if invited to dance with them.

The Lavish Dinner – Menu:

Similar to the morning safari which ends with a quick breakfast the evening safari too ends with dinner, a humongous lavish dinner, if opted for. Traditional & continental vegetarian & non-vegetarian delicacies are spread out for you to flatter your gastronomical senses. Fresh fruits to salads to the famous Arabic coffee including middle-eastern grilled meat & many more appetizing delicacies, are tabled to savor the flavors throughout the evening.

Experiencing the Evening Desert Safari: An Itinerary:

The evening desert safari starts with the option of pickup & drop to your place of stay in a 4×4 vehicle at a fixed time in the afternoon by the designated driver.

You are driven from the city to entirely different surroundings of the Arabian deserts & on to camps either in the Red Lahbab desert or in the Dubai Conservation Reserve.

The safari’s excitement starts with dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle, which takes you on an adrenalin-pumping adventurous ride over the dunes.

It is followed by highly entertaining activities in the camp to keep you delighted & relaxed.

Later activities like sand boarding over the dunes, dune buggy ride in a specially designed vehicle along with the camel ride keeps you entertained to the core.

Ancient traditions like falconry meaning hunting of falcons, are also a part of some safaris in the Arabian deserts.

But the most entertaining part comes in the last phase of the evening safari.

The delightful traditional form of dance like the tanoura & belly dancing keeps you captivated all through long. Add to it the henna paintings and the 3-course meal with traditional & international delicacies ends up with you having an amazing evening ever expected.

Unforgettable memories of an amazing evening hound you as you are driven back to your place of stay.

The Evening Safari Packages & Price:

The best evening safaris offered in Dubai are:

#Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Entertainment & Coach Pickup: PRICE AED 69*.

  • Enjoy desert dune bashing ride along with Bedouin camp experience.
  • Derive pleasure by participating in traditional activities such as camel riding, henna paintings & even smoking a flavorful shisha.
  • Get entertained by dancers performing a fire show or otherwise on a tanoura dance show.
  • Enjoy your delicious sumptuous dinner with BBQ coupled with unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee & water.

#Get Entertained with Red Dune Desert Safari & BBQ Dinner: PRICE: AED 70*.

  • Coach transfers from designated areas in Dubai in a 4×4 vehicle & enjoy Desert dune bashing on arrival.
  • Enjoy sand boarding down the slopes.
  • Enjoy riding a camel in the desert or smoke shisha or favor getting henna paintings done on your hands or even fun tattoos.
  • Enjoy the fire show and happily get pleasured over the performance of the belly & tanoura dancers.
  • Relax while gazing over the stars from the cool Bedouin camp.
  • Enjoy the sumptuous dinner along with hot & cold beverages.

#Evening Desert Safari with Quad Biking & Dinner: PRICE: AED 141*.

  • Post dune bashing head to the quad biking section & enjoy driving over the sands.
  • Follow it up with sand boarding.
  • Experience a variety of desert activities such as camel riding, henna hand painting & shisha at a traditional Bedouin camp.
  • Get entertained with dance performances from belly & tanoura dancers.
  • Enjoy the delicious BBQ buffet meal with unlimited hot & cold beverages.

#The Desert Safari in the legendary Hummer: PRICE: AED 248*.

  • Get pick up & drop off in the legendary Hummer along with dune bashing and boarding.
  • Experience a variety of desert activities such as camel riding, henna hand painting & shisha at a traditional Bedouin camp.
  • Get entertained with dance performances from belly & tanoura dancers.
  • Enjoy the delicious BBQ buffet meal with unlimited hot & cold beverages.

#Romantic Dinner Desert Safari: PRICE: AED 1167*.

  • Pick up from your place of stay to travel further to witness the charm of the evening desert.
  • Visit a camel farm & know more about the domesticated animal species.
  • Dune bashing by an expert driver.
  • Enjoy delicious dinner at the famous Bedouin camp.

#Premium Desert Safari: PRICE: AED 305*.

  • Visit and enjoy the first national park of the UAE, the Dubai Desert Conservation center.
  • Get thrilled with dune bashing & watch the amazing scene of the setting sun in the desert.
  • Get refreshments along with Arabic dates on arrival at the camp.
  • Enjoy activities such as sand boarding, camel ride, or indulge in getting a henna tattoo or get photographed in Arabian outfits. Enjoy further by smoking the flavorful shisha or get tantalized watching the exotic Tanoura and belly dancing.
  • Enjoy the delicious gourmet including shawarma, falafel sandwiches & an excellent spread of BBQ delicacies.

Precautionary Measures during Evening Desert Safari:

Please avoid taking pregnant ladies for the safari.

Please avoid taking children below the age of 5 years for the safari.

Drugs are strictly prohibited. Can cause severe after-effects!

Do not indulge in the work of your 4×4 driver. Let him drive his way over the dunes.

* The Mentioned prices are subject to change with conditions depending on market fluctuations, please note.

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