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Dubai Sahara Desert – Explore A Fascinating Travel Experience this Vacation

Dubai epitomizes the one-of-a-kind phenomenon of blending scorching deserts with the most advanced cities in the world today. Also known as the “City of Merchants,” it is welcoming travelers to its grand shore for decades. The courtesy and the hospitality continue to this day, you can find them in every corner of Dubai while you are on Dubai Sahara Desert Package.

Best vacationer gateway- Dubai proudly boasts a year-round temperate climate. As a result the package of Dubai often skyrockets during peak vacation times. Thus, we suggest you book your Dubai Sahara Desert tour package in advance to enjoy Dubai’s warm water and year-round sunshine.

Exploring Dubai Sahara Desert

Dubai has earned its reputation for its huge shopping malls and skyscrapers, it has a famous attraction the Sahara Desert that allures travelers from all over the world to enjoy the hospitality, and part takes in various desert sporting activities.


The Cheap Dubai Sahara Desert package will allow you to see the magic of the Dubai desert at sunrise and sunset, as well as spend the night under the desert stars. Drive through the dunes in a 4×4; participate in activities such as sandboarding, camel riding, and henna painting; and eat a delicious BBQ dinner accompanied by a traditional belly dancing show.

Enjoy breakfast before returning to the city after a night of camping in the desert.

Value For Money Desert Excursion

Your guide will ask you to leave your hotel in the mid-afternoon for a one-hour drive to the beginning of the desert.

You can sandboard, surf down a steep dune, or do dune bashing in the Lehbab desert area known for its photogenic red dunes, about a half-hour to 40 minutes of driving into the sand. When you arrive at Al Khayma Desert Camp, you will be greeted with Arabic coffee, sweets, and dates. This is a nice, unusual photo if you want to take a camel ride and pose with a falcon.

Besides smoking shisha and dressing Arabian-style (kandora) for men and (abaya) for women, get your nails painted with henna by the time your food comes. The package inlcudes Tanoura dance performance, a must watch thing that you will enjoy while eating your dinner at the camp.

Aspects Before Booking Your Dubai Sahara Desert Tour

  • A tour into the Dubai Sahara desert is the best for someone who has never been to the desert. The best part, you don’t have to stay there for long, you can get there quickly and comfortably, and then return to the hotel quickly at the end of the tour.
  • Sahara desert is well-known for its multi-activity excursions that include a show at a Bedouin camp, traditional dinner to enjoy the best of Dubai hospitality.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of things you can plan for Sahara Desert Dubai as well as Dubai.  This is once in a lifetime opportunity that you must seize. Get in touch with the travel agency company today to book your holidays. Also, you can ask for customized holidays if you are specifically looking forward to Desert Holidays in Dubai.

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