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For the love of camels

The Arabs are known for their poetry and their will-power to strive in the face of adversity. They are also known for their love of camels and the copious amount of literature they have on the beast. In recent years, we have come to know UAE for its prosperity, for the skyscrapers, for the majesty of Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. But UAE started from zero; there was a time when the country was nothing more than a sprawling desert. Survival in the harsh conditions of the desert was hard, but people toiled away with a dream of a different future.

During these hard times, one animal became an integral part of the Arab’s life – Camels. Camels are known as the ship of the desert; how this title came to be, is not much of a surprise. The man and the beast bonded over the simple need for survival. The Arabs believed that they had a pact with the camels, they provide the animal with food, and in turn, the camels would help them with transportation, food, and even clothes. Much has changed in the UAE since those times, technology has taken over the country, and modernization has made transportation easier, but the people’s love for camels remain intact.


Camel racing

Camels are so deeply embedded in the culture of the Arabs that many people believe camel racing to be the ‘Heritage sport of UAE. Camel racing has existed as a part of the country’s culture since time immemorial; it wasn’t commercialized in the earlier days. The racing happened between the camels of individual emirates for leisure. As time passed and the UAE started getting richer, the sport took a back seat, as did the necessity for camels. Now the animals can be found only in the camel farms on the outskirts of the city. The rulers of Dubai took note of how modernization was meddling with their culture and decided to revive the cultural heritage of the country by commercializing camel racing.



Camel Racing is considered one of the richest races in the world. Year after year, during the months of the racing season between October and April, hundreds of camels participate in the races. The owner of the winning camel often takes home a hefty sum. Racing is considered as a serious business in the UAE, and there are professional camel trainers who train a camel for the race.

Participants from neighboring countries like Sudan and Saudi Arabia take part in these sporting events. The camel races have also become an important tourist attraction for foreigners who visit the country all around the year. Unlike horse racing, camel racing is considered a casual event in the country. Thousands of people turn up to watch the races, and the tickets are free of cost. This causes a bit of chaos, but those who book their seats in advance and arrive early also have the opportunity to take pictures with the race camels.


Race camels

On average, a camel starts racing from the age of 3, and the racing careers of these animals last somewhere between 2-3 years. Camel training is, in itself, a big deal. It is said that it takes around three to four months to train a camel for a professional race. During the time of training, the camels must have special diets, practice daily, and be treated like an athlete.

Only specific breeds of camels are used for the racing in the UAE. The native breed Mahaliyat, the Sudanese breed Sudaniyat, the breed from Oman, called Omaniyat, and the interbred Muhajanat. A rule states that camels should not start training for races unless they turn two-years-old; its muscles and bone structures are not fully developed at that age. The authorities do not per se have a record of the ages of these camels, but the age can be determined by looking at its teeth. Camels that are allowed to race are marked with special sprays, and those camels which do not have the mark are not allowed to race.


Use of technology in a conventional sport – Robot Jockeys

In the year 2001, the authorities in the UAE banned the use of child jockeys for the purpose of camel racing. There were various reasons for this decision. Reports were coming from all over the country and neighboring countries that child jockeys were being trafficked and were also being sexually abused. To stop the trading, bartering, and abuse of children, technology was replaced with the vulnerable human factor. Robots, therefore, became the plausible alternative to human jockeys. Human jockeys also posed the danger of getting hurt physically.

Robot jockeys weighed much less than human jockeys and could also be installed with all kinds of new technology. The new-age jockeys used by the Arabs for camel racing has GPS to track movement, also technology that tracks the speed of the camel and its heart rate. Any changes in the health of a particular camel can be immediately tracked.


Genetics and camel laboratory

The UAE also has camel hospitals and research labs that conduct experiments to increase the strength and endurance of the camel. The lab helps in honing genetically advanced camels that are inherently stronger and faster. Various experiments like selective breeding and controlled-environment cloning are done in these labs. All these experiments are conducted under the strict guidelines of the Camel Racing Federation to ensure that the animals aren’t harmed. The guidelines also ensure that there is no foul play of any kind that gives a strategic advantage to a particular camel in a race.


Camel Safari in the Desert

The tourists who visit the country are inherently intrigued about camel rides. There are lots of private tour companies and hotels in the country that organize hour-long camel rides in the desert; some packages also include sunsets and dinners. Such safaris are available on daily basis and are carried out mostly in the mornings. The organizers take the people to see falcon shows in the desert. Falcons also have great historical importance in the country; this lures people to witness the magic of these birds even more.

Wanted to know the cost of adventurous desert safari trip? There are several tour operators in Dubai but our range starts from as low as 30 AED to few hundred per person depending upon package you select. Have a great time exploring the desert at a minimum price.

How much does it cost per person for desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is the heaven amidst the sandy desert. It is one of the most prosperous cities in the United Arab Emirates as well as in the whole world. People across the world visit Dubai to escape the daily hassles of their lives and have a lovely and luxurious vacation. Actually, Dubai has a lot of things to offer that tempts the visitors to unlock more of Dubai’s possessions. You will find several attractions in Dubai but what attracts the tourists most is the desert safari.

Evening Safari Dubai

130 AED | 35 US $
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130 AED150 AEDSelect options

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

99 AED | 27 US $
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99 AED139 AEDSelect options

Land Cruiser Safari Dubai

150 AED | 42 US $
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150 AED175 AEDSelect options

Vip Desert Safari

280 AED | 77 US $
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280 AED320 AEDSelect options

So what is desert safari? What do you do in desert safari? This tour offers you six hours of wholesome enjoyment with a plethora of activities on the Arabian deserts. Desert safari is a bit of heart thumping adventure, cultural activities and a beautiful dinner date amidst the sand dunes under the stars. Whether you are exploring the gold coloured dunes by driving deep into them or having the experience of your lifetime while watching the sunset in the desert; the sceneries of the desert safari will be etched forever in the panorama of your mind. It will leave you with a beautiful memory for you to cherish forever.

But one simple thing that everybody wants to be aware of before boarding, is the desert safari Dubai cost per person. Here, you need to always remember one thing that the cost can vary from one agency to another. However, we can provide you with a standard rate; so that you get an idea of what rate to expect exactly for these safaris. But before we move on with rates; let us first see what types of desert safaris available in Dubai.

Actually, there are three different desert safaris. Feeling bit confused? Well, in Dubai the agencies offer you morning safari, evening safari and overnight safari on the desert. However, the evening safari is the one that attracts the people most since it comes with a plethora of other attractions apart from just driving through the mighty dunes of Arabian Desert.

The desert safari Dubai cost per person actually starts from 30AED for the evening safari. Here, you must note that this is the lowest standard price available since the price varies according to the package that the agency offers. The cost of the safari depends on the vehicle that you choose a number of people who are with you in a group and the side activities included in the package.

So, why wait any further? Stop worrying over cost per person and explore the enchanting deserts of Arabia, may be not on Aladdin’s magic carpet but in the best cars to have the best time of your life.

Wondering whether small kids or toddler are allowed for desert safari ride? Find what is the age limit and guidelines that one need to follow.  Spending an evening in Desert Safari is a standout amongst the most driving vacation spot. In the event that visitors need to go through the night with your loves in the Golden, Sandy dunes and furthermore in low value, they are simply on the correct site. Simply book on the web and here the fun starts. The dessert Safari of Dubai does not need any kind of introduction as it is one of the famous safari experiences around the globe. It is completely worth the money, time and the effort that guests and tourists reflect to get there and to have the experience the well-known Dubai Dessert safari.

As kids and toddlers may be sensitive to certain movements of the vehicle it is best advised to not include kids under the age of 1 year old in the safari. Otherwise, for kids from 2 to 5 years, guests can book a desert dinner for them and avoid dune bashing. Here are some offers for kids:

Age limit for desert safari ride

Planning for a vacation? Thinking of solo leisure trip? Then zero down your search to Dubai, the most beautiful and preferred destination of the voyagers around the world. In Dubai, you will discover blazing sunshine for 365 days, captivating beaches, innovative skyscrapers, man-made islands, indoor ski resort, and many more attractions. Dubai is considered to be the most safe destination for independent male and female travelers.

Dubai is also considered to be the most expensive city in terms of air ticket and accommodations. But you can make your trip affordable by striking a deal with popular travel websites offering deals with discounted prices. So without hesitation book a solo getaway for yourself. Travel Packages for solo traveler are available at affordable rates on various tourist websites.

One of my close friend who visited Dubai recently has shared the details of her travel expenses. The deal for 4 days, 3 nights has cost her around US $ 700 to US $ 800. It also includes air ticket, airport shuttle, sight seeing and visa expenses too. Her four days travel plan included Dhow Creek Cruise & Sightseeing, a visit to Palm Jumeirah & Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Spend the day at leisure. Most travelers suggest to purchase Dubai Explorer Pass and avail up to 50% discount on top attractions.

Reasons for Travelling Solo?

  • Blending with people is easy: The locals of Dubai are very helpful, friendly and respectful towards the travelers around the globe. They will surely help you to get out of any difficulties with ease
  • Safety: Dubai is considered to be the most safest Middle Eastern country for tourists. Dubai has laid down strict laws with regards to criminal activities and conspirators. So You need not worry about your safety in Dubai.
  • Shopping: This destination is an ultimate place for shopaholics. So don’t be a penny-pincher while shopping in Dubai. You can buy range of souvenirs, perfumes, best quality dates and dry fruits, jewelry shops. Highly recommended shopping destinations are Meena Bazaar and Gold Souk.
  • Affordable means of transport: Public transport network is very cheap and affordable in Dubai. So you will face minimum problems while hovering in and around Dubai.
  • Food: Dubai offers you wide range of cuisines from across the globe. You will find unlimited vegetarian, non-vegetarian and multi-cuisine restaurant in various malls and food outlets.
  • Budget Friendly: Travel geeks often prefer customized travel packages at affordable prices. Dubai offers you exceptional packages to explore various parts at reasonable costs.

Tips for Male and Female solo travelers

  • In Dubai, most of the times the temperatures are soaring high. Do carry sufficient water and energy drinks with you.
  • Keep handy a first-aid kit and basic medicine with you. Since pharmaceutical products very expensive in Dubai.
  • Both men and women are restricted from wearing revealing outfits in religious places of Dubai. Avoid skirts and shorts. Skin show is strictly forbidden in this place.
  • Binge drinks are strictly banned in public places.
  • Make sure to wear loose fitting cotton outfits during your trip in Dubai.
  • Night junkies can explore this place by visiting Glow Garden, fountain shows and a leisure walk at JBR beach.

Dubai is a dream destination for many travelers in and around the world. So make your trip memorable and hassle free by you following the dress code and conduct of this beautiful destination. Dubai is absolutely safe place to travel for lone voyagers but still be cautious of unwarranted situations.

Sandboarding, much like snowboarding, is an adventure sport where the participant has his/her feet strapped to a board, which is specially designed to slide down dunes. Practiced in desert regions around the world, Dubai’s natural climate and topography make it one of the most sought after places for sandboarding enthusiasts. Sandboarding is an extremely safe adventure sport and can be enjoyed by members belonging to all age ranges.

Visitors to Dubai hardly miss the opportunity to experience sandboarding in its surrounding deserts. The city offers sand dunes of various heights and slopes, which has popularized it for sand-based sports and adventure activities across the world.

Our article on Sandboarding in Dubai attempts to inform interested readers about all there is to know about sand boarding in Dubai.

Is Sandboarding Safe?

Unlike other sand activity sports like driving a dune buggy up the desert dunes, sandboarding is much safer. All you need to do is strap your feet to a sandboard once you’ve walked up a sand dune and then let go. It doesn’t require any training or technique and doesn’t pose any threat of injury.

Is it Suited for Solo Travelers?

Many other adventure sports in Dubai actually happen to require individuals in tandem. However, sandboarding does not necessitate this, and solo travelers can have a ball cruising on Dubai’s sand dunes alone.

Is Sandboarding Expensive?

Some of the other adventure sports and activities offered by Dubai can weigh quite heavy on your pocket, but not sandboarding. You can find various deals and discounts on sandboarding that enable you to take part in this activity for quite an affordable charge. Although it is difficult to find sandboarding packages by itself, if you look hard enough, you might be able to land the deals you are looking for!

Will I Need to Sign an Indemnity Form?

It might be a safe adventure activity, but the service operating providing sandboarding activities will still want to be cleared of any responsibility shall you sustain any harm or injury during the activity. So, signing an indemnity form is a basic requirement before any individual can proceed with the activity.

Can I Carry Camera Equipment and Other Filming Gear?

If you’re planning to take photos or record yourself gliding down Dubai’s sand dunes, make sure you only carry camera equipment that is suited for rough use. You risk damaging your device and equipment otherwise.

Will There Be a Trainer On-Spot?

You may not need the training to participate in sandboarding, but there will be a trainer in charge of those signing up for this activity. The trainer will be responsible for providing these people with basic instructions as to how they should conduct themselves while engaging in this activity. If you’re a rank beginner, you should choose yourself a small sand dune, to begin with, for your own safety.

Winding Up

Sandboarding is a must-try when you are in Dubai. Safe and affordable, there is no reason you should pass on this experience. It is open for all age groups, and you can go sandboarding at any time of the day. Purchase yourself a sandboarding package and enjoy a day filled with sun, sand, and adventure. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and fully cover yourself up when you go out in Dubai’s scorching sun! You don’t want to get tanned.

On the 19th of November, 2018 The UAE joined the countries returning some tax cash to visitors. The VAT refund scheme came into effect on this date. According to FTA, foreigners on a holiday in Dubai could claim the VAT charged for purchases after this date.

With a motto of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, World Expo 2020 is scheduled to be held in Dubai, UAE.  This international exhibition currently has around 180 countries confirmed with the start date being on October 20, 2020 and end date on April 10, 2021. The Bureau of International Expositions, Paris declared Dubai to be the host country for Expo 2020. From then preparations have been started in full swing to obtain the desired infrastructure to host such a grand event where innumerable countries of the world come together for a cause. Expo 2020 is the first international expo to be hosted in the Middle East, Asia and Africa region.

While on your visit to Dubai, you would be introduced to its cultural, political and social traditions, as well as, to its Islamic traditions, through the Quranic Park. It is also known as Al Quran Park in the Khawaneej region of Dubai. Visiting the Quranic Park gives you a wonderful privilege to learn the many miracles and meanings of the Holy Quran. The Quranic Park aims to provide a connection between the different cultural and intellectual fields and a communication among the people of different religions, languages and cultures. It also aims at presenting the achievement in different types of plan ecology.

Like everything that the city of Dubai has to offer, one thing that is worth marveling is the nightlife scene. From swanky nightclubs to elegant bars, this city’s entertainment options are endless. The main thing to keep in mind when you set out to have a great night, is that everyone in your party has to be over 21 years of age, since Dubai’s door policy does not allow serving alcohol to minors.

Best places to stay in Dubai for Nightlife

When going out for dinner or lunch then consider only the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai. Check this list that include menu, price, contact number and address.  Dubai may be land of the Bedouins but surprisingly with so many people from all over the world travelling to this amazing land, vegetarian food has slowly found its place amidst the traditional cuisines. Vegan and vegetarian food are gradually taking over the entire world with its multitude of mouth-watering options. But still vegetarian travelers face trouble looking for good vegetarian restaurants. Even meat eaters look for plant-based options once in awhile and opt for healthier options now and then while travelling or otherwise. Many restaurants now have started offering these glutens free healthy veg options.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

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