Best Desert Safari Dubai


Want to know the Desert safari Dubai price and estimate the total trip cost? Dubai is the best place to visit with family and friends for its various adventurous and interesting sightseeing. The landscape in Dubai is mostly gravel-filled deserts that are clean, white, and smooth. The sands have crushed shells and corals in them.   It’s an adventurous experience to explore the deserts at various timings of the day. The packages too are crafted as morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari providing tourists. With so many activities to offer, this one is fascinating for every person coming here. Observing sunrise and sunset are the easy yet positive activities one can get at the Dubai desert safari. The enticing colors in the sky feel very welcoming and calm the mind.


desert safari tour
desert safari tour

Evening safari is not planned by many people to explore the morning deserts. It’s a 20-minute dune bashing session where various activities like quad biking, sand biking, camel rides can be enjoyed.  Sunrise should not be missed if taking the ride in the morning. Quad biking has four wheels which are enjoyed at the highest speed on the Dubai desert safari.  Camel riding is very common wherein you get to sit on the back of the camels and get a ride in the desert.  It’s a huge animal which makes the ride more interesting. Dune bashing is another important activity that must be done by tourists. Here a land cruiser is driven on the dunes of Desert safari.  The package of the tour includes the morning desert safari and hence there is a variation in the price.  There is also a two-hour package journey offered by some companies.  Those who don’t want the rides in the dark or are not interested in dinners or camping can opt for a morning desert safari. Desert safari Dubai’s price varies according to the tour packages selected.

Evening safari is something which should be not missed out on and must-do activity.  Mostly choose the ride starting in the afternoon wherein you will have to rest in the camel farm. Sunset in the desert is worth watching if you are exploring the desert in the evening. Apart from the sunset experience, there is a camel ride, dune-bashing, sand skiing, biking, sand-boarding to enjoy. Shisha and barbeque, henna designing are other activities that should not be missed. Watching a belly dancer is an additional thing to enjoy at the campsite. They perform on the traditional Arabic tunes.

An overnight desert safari is more interesting in exploring the Arabian Desert in the night sky.  People can try henna designs,  camel rides, Arabic costumes to wear, and click photos.  The wind and its sound striking on the sand amidst the silence of the night gives a wonderful feeling.

At cheap desert safari Dubai, you will get affordable desert safari Dubai prices starting at AED50.  A memorable journey to Dubai is achieved only after visiting deserts along with BBQ dinners. Some recommended evening desert safari tours. They offer some of the best deals on Dubai desert safari.

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