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What is the age limit for the Desert Safari

Wondering whether small kids or toddler are allowed for desert safari ride? Find what is the age limit and guidelines that one need to follow.  Spending an evening in Desert Safari is a standout amongst the most driving vacation spot. In the event that visitors need to go through the night with your loves in the Golden, Sandy dunes and furthermore in low value, they are simply on the correct site. Simply book on the web and here the fun starts. The dessert Safari of Dubai does not need any kind of introduction as it is one of the famous safari experiences around the globe. It is completely worth the money, time and the effort that guests and tourists reflect to get there and to have the experience the well-known Dubai Dessert safari.

As kids and toddlers may be sensitive to certain movements of the vehicle it is best advised to not include kids under the age of 1 year old in the safari. Otherwise, for kids from 2 to 5 years, guests can book a desert dinner for them and avoid dune bashing. Here are some offers for kids:

Age limit for desert safari ride

The exotic era of the place, adventurous activities such as the dune bashing, creative henna designing, and the delicious dinner options have drawn many travelers and tourists to the experience. Additionally, it is once in a lifetime experience that one must take. The experience provides an unparalleled adrenaline in people looking for great adventure and creates an area of liveliness.

This Dubai desert safari comprises of a gutsy 4×4 drive over the desert with a blissful night of scrumptious dinner and top notch entertainment. The Dubai safari starts with a 4×4 drive taking the tourists through the dense fields of the desert. Lay low in the deep trenches and ascend high on the peak of the rises in this one of a kind safari.

Nonetheless, given the wild nature of the activity, pregnant women and individuals with heart problems are advised to not participate.


  • Availability of baby car seats for all kids
  • It is compulsory by law that kids are placed in a car seat. This eliminates the risk of seat rotation.
  • The drive will be slowed down to accommodate a younger child. If you are sharing a car on a desert safari with other tourists, they may not have an issue.
  • Children can get sick, cry, scared etc. In this case, the drive would be reverted or cut short. In this case, the other guests you are sharing the safari with would be entitled to compensation under all rights.
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