If you are going for a tour in or a camp in desert safari during your Dubai, UAE trip, then make sure to follow the new safety rules. Following these guidelines, not only help you to stay safe but also enjoy the tour.  Dubai is one of the most popular and visited tourist destination in the world. With thousands of tourists flocking into the country every month, Dubai surely has some of the best tourist entertainment and attractions that make the country such a favorite place to spend holidays. One such exotic experience is the Dubai desert safari. Dubai has some a beautiful and vast desert that provide with some thrilling adventures like the desert safari and desert rides. However, before you book your seats for a Dubai desert safari, you need to know about few important safety tips which are essential for you to know, to keep yourself safe.

Safety Rules for Desert Safari in Dubai, UAE

What is like to be in a Desert Safari?

A desert safari involves a desert jeep ride through the enormous sand dunes, also known as Dune bashing, covering a huge area. Usually, there are campsites where one can even rest and start the dune bashing once again. Back at the campsite, tourists can also ride a camel and roam around to have a look at the vast exotic desert. There are also other means of recreation as well as a desert safari.

Safety tips to follow in a Desert Safari

Here are some of the most important safety tips that you must keep in mind to experience a good desert safari in Dubai:

  • Always wear loose and comfortable clothes while you are out for a safari. This is because the extensive heat in the desert might make you feel unwell during the safari. Both men and women should wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that they do not fall ill because of the heat.
  • Before you book a desert safari card you must ensure that the car has all the safety features like a special seat for children, airbags and working air conditioner systems. The car should be modern and sturdy enough to last a long day in the desert.
  • This is an important part where you must check is that the driver who is going to drive your Desert Safari car must be experienced and professionally trained to handle the car in such extreme geographical conditions. The driver’s skill and methods are important when you are dune bashing in the sand.
  • Always use safe and hygienic transport system which maintains standard Medical and hygiene guidelines. The campsites should also be clean and tidy for proper usage by the tourists.
  • Seat belts are a must when you are dune bashing in the sand dunes. Since it will involve a lot of rugged bashing and driving, accidents inside the car happen at any time. Therefore proper and high-quality seat belts are a must for desert safari.
  • Make sure your desert safari agent follows the new guidelines which state new routes into the desert which helps to reduce the crowd in a specific place and therefore increasing the overall safety while dune bashing.

So as you can see that these are the few important tips which you must keep in mind before you go out into the desert dune bashing. New rules and regulations officially dictated by the government must be followed by every agent and also you should be well aware of them.

Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most popular attraction in Dubai and almost 30% of every tourist visit Dubai includes a desert safari package in their visit. If you are one such tourist who is very much excited about a desert safari experience then you will get the thrill of your life but always keep that safety measures should be your first preference.