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Dubai Desert Safari in Summer 2022

You have planned to go on the exotic Dubai Desert Safari but aren’t quite sure whether the months of summer are suitable for this thrilling adventure sport. Well, you aren’t alone as many people suffer from the same dilemma. We assure you, during the late afternoons and the evenings, the desert is actually cooler than the city. It implies that you can indeed go for the Desert Safari even during the summers. Besides, tour operators also change the Desert Safari schedule so you can escape the brunt of the searing heat.

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Relax, you’ll find the desert cooler than the coast during the night

The humidity levels in a desert are very low and the air over it is very dry. The most important greenhouse factor in moderating the earth’s temperature is water vapor. The temperature at the desert drops by as much as 7 degrees Celsius in the night since the presence of very little water results in the ground not retaining much heat. With star gazing being added as an exciting activity, you are sure to enjoy your trip to the desert in the evening.

The best time for the Desert Safari during summer

Moisture gets heated slower than air with the desert sands being dry. That’s why, the desert does get hot rapidly in the mornings and cools down just as quickly from the late afternoons. You’ll therefore find most Desert Safaris being organized in the late in the afternoons and the evenings during the summer and not during the mornings.

The desert camps’ positioning

To enjoy the cooling effect of the gentle cooling breeze that blows in the desert, the Bedouins would set up their camps right on the top of the sand dunes. We have followed the same practice to make sure that you find relief from the heat with the breeze giving you comfortable feeling. Apart from offering modern comforts and cold towels, our camps are equipped with cooling units as well.

Air conditioned vehicles for your comfort

While you may choose to go on the Desert Safari on one of our iconic vintage open-top Land Rovers, you may also opt for an air-conditioned four-wheel drive vehicle for more comfort without having to pay a penny extra. For an extra fee, you may upgrade your vehicle to a luxurious Range Rover taking in the beauty of desert flora and fauna in unmatchable comfort.

What makes the experience truly amazing are the added activities and recreation. If you are an adventure seeker, you may opt for sand boarding and quad biking for a rush of adrenaline. You’ll be entertained by a superb belly dance performance and an exotic Tanura performer as well. There’s also a performance with a Falcon thrown in to add to the thrill. There are Henna artists waiting to decorate your arms with amazingly intricate designs.

Wait, the fun doesn’t end here. As the sun goes down beyond the horizon, it’s time to feast on a mouthwatering dinner spread featuring exotic Arabian cuisine with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Treat yourself to rare Arab delicacies like fresh Arabian oysters, a variety of locally prepared cheese and desert truffles.

Good to know information

While you may still opt to experience the Desert Safari in the summer, the best time to enjoy it is between the months of April to June. This is when the weather in Dubai is at its best and the sun isn’t as harsh as it is at other times of the year. That said, we operate the Desert Safari all through the year and look forward to having you with us.

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