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5 Best Desert Camps in Dubai 

When you think of Dubai, skyscrapers, luxurious life, large malls, shopping festivals, fastest cars, and everything high fashion comes to mind. But Dubai has more to offer, the history and calm desert. The Dubai desert gives you a refreshing taste of life connecting with nature and spot native Arabian species in their natural habitats as well as enjoy some Bedouin hospitality and entertainment.

There is plenty of ways to enjoy and experience the Dubai desert in its full glory and camping is one of the most famous. But how do you camp in Dubai? There are various overnight desert camps in Dubai offering you the most unique desert experiences. Here we have curated the 5 best desert camps in Dubai to enjoy the clear skies of the desert.

Sonara Camp

Sonara Camp is in the middle of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and is stunning, with Instagrammable opportunities everywhere you look. En route to the camp, you can catch glimpse of several Gazelles and Oryxes.

There are various activity stations set up around the camp, everything from volleyball and archery to sandboarding, camel riding, falcon show, and more.

Dinner tables are set under a marquee of stunning fairy lights with comfy seating, an elaborate and delicious fine-dining menu, and entertainment. The dinner at the camp comprises delicacies inspired by Arabic cuisine fused with classics from French culinary art. The open-air kitchen serves special options for vegans, vegetarians, children, meat, and seafood lovers. Along with the delectable food, there are various entertainment options like a violinist playing several well-known songs, an impressive fire show, and much more. It is also a first-of-a-kind eco-friendly eatery in the UAE operating on the core principles of sustainability and zero waste. The entire camp is solar energy powered and all the products and materials used are sourced from ethical means.

Platinum Heritage

If you are looking for a great desert camp to spend the night in, then Platinum Heritage is the place to be. This impressive camp ticks all the boxes and lets you experience Dubai as it was before the city was born, in the desert, and under the stars.

The adventure starts in a 1950s vintage Land Rover along with the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and spots wildlife in the natural habitat. Also, watch an entertaining falcon show, take in the stunning views of the Arabian sun setting, and learn about the cultural significance of falconry in Dubai.

Arrive at Platinum Heritage, an authentic Bedouin camp, and enjoy an unforgettable evening immersed in cultural activities like Arabic coffee-making demonstrations, henna painting, a traditional Yola dance, camel rides, and Arabic drumming. The camp offers a delicious 4-course dinner and then you can relax in the traditional Majilis or around the bonfire under the starry sky with top-quality shisha. Retire to your overnight room, a traditional Arabic stone dwelling complete with bedding, and wake to the stillness of the fresh desert in the morning to a gourmet breakfast.

Al Khayma

Located at the Lahbab desert, the Al Khayma camp lets you experience the Bedouin lifestyle The desert camp captain will pick you up from the hotel in a Land Cruiser and take you to the camp. During the drive, you will get to know about the history of Dubai. Once you arrive in the Lahbab desert, you get to see crimson-colored dunes and try surfing in the dunes.

After about 45 minutes of descending the dunes, you will reach Al Khayma desert camp, where you will have the opportunity to try lots of activities such as camel riding at sunset, trying on traditional Arabic clothing, tasting sweet dates, henna tattoos, Arabic makeover, and shooting with a fabulous sunset.

You also get to experience traditional Tanoura dance, belly dance, and more while enjoying your dinner. Later when the desert lights go out, it creates a sensual, mysterious atmosphere, the perfect time to observe the stars.

Rayna Desert Camp

For an impressively rewarding desert camping experience in Dubai, Rayna camp is the best. They offer the best-priced Desert Camping Dubai package with untainted fun and heart-stopping activities. The camping here is a mix of adventure, cultural entertainment, and a sumptuous dinner under the stars.

The real highlight is the exciting, adrenaline-pumping 4×4 drive, deep into the desert sands. It lets you explore the vast stretch of the golden dunes by falling low in the deep ditches and escalating high on the summit of the dunes. At the Arabic Bedouin campsite, you get to capture the real essence and beauty of the desert, relish traditional Arabic coffee, smoke-flavored Shisha, and dance along with the mesmerizing belly dance movements and Tanura shows.

At the camp, you get to ride a camel, walk over desert sands, put on Arabic attire, adorn your hands with henna designs, and take pictures of falcon sitting on your shoulder. To tantalize your taste buds, this desert camp offers a scrumptious dinner with a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Lama Desert Camp 

Get to explore the lifetime adventure and memories with an overnight stay in the middle of the Arabian desert at the lavish yet traditional Lama Desert Camp.

Your desert camping tour starts in a 4 X 4 vehicle which stops for 25 minutes letting you experience dune bashing and sunset viewing with picture-taking opportunities.

After the dune bashing experience, you proceed to a desert campsite to experience camel riding, shisha smoking, tattoo painting, and live entertainment. A delicious international buffet is served with unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. After the program, you get sleeping bags, blankets, and overnight tea/coffee to experience an exceptional night out in the desert under the stars.

These are the 5 best camps in Dubai that let you experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle with a wide variety of entertainment options and great food.

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