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Desert Safari Belly Dance Show

Desert safari belly dance is one of the key attraction during any safari trip in Dubai. Traditional yet modern, belly dance makes everyone feel the rhythm in middle of the Dubai desert.

Hip twirl is the customary move of center east, Belly move is otherwise called raqs Sharqi and raqs baladi. Raqs sharqi is the style more well-known to westerners move performed in eateries, Raqs baladi is the conventional move of Arabs and is the will be the folkloric style, moved socially by men and ladies of any age in some Middle Eastern nations, for the most part at merry events, for example, weddings.

In Dubai hip twirl is additionally the appeal for the visitor going to Dubai desert safari. Each one needs to see live Belly move, and we are giving the hip twirl in our Desert safari camp. We have best belly artist to engage you in the way that you always remember.

After the BBQ dinner in our Exclusive safari camp, our belly dance show begin, its approximately  20 to 25 minutes, and we trust you individuals without a doubt to appreciate it, and overlook the one which you have seen on Television  or anywhere else.

Appreciate The Belly Dance in our Desert safari camp for booking and information do get in touch with us.

Belly Dance Video

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