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Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai for Free

10 Places to visit in the Dubai for almost free with your friends, family and kids. These tourist places are among the top destinations for 2019 activities. Dubai is marked by its luxurious getaways and extravagant lifestyle. Amidst the tall skyscrapers, expensive restaurants and perfectly manicured lawns, there is this humble side to the city which is equally magical as its modern self. Visit to Dubai can bore a hole in the pocket but it is surprising to know that there are several places which can be visited without spending a dime. Let’s explore 10 such amazing spots in Dubai where you don’t have to care to shell out cash!

Top Places to visit Dubai for free

1. Souks and Cultural Heritage sites

Drift in the aroma and experience a blast of colors as you walk through the spice market and get dazzled amidst all the glittering gold. This is a nice place to stroll lazily and though you will have the compulsion to spurge on the goods it is absolutely free to stop and gaze and inhale in the aromas!

2. Dubai Aquarium outside view

For those who don’t want to shells out a good amount walking inside the aquarium, the outside view of it is equally enchanting and rewarding and moreover free. Observe fishes and sharks swim by as you stand with its backdrop for a quick photo.

3. Dubai Fountain

With the setting sun and onset of dark skies, the magnificent Dubai Fountain comes to life as it dances to the rhythmic beats and psychedelic lights. Feel life and vigor as the fountain spray jets of cool water in various choreographed movements.

4. Jumeirah Beach walk

Nothing can be pleasing as talking a quiet stroll along the calm Jumeirah beach with a view of the ocean and a backdrop of the coolest hotels of Dubai. Feel the soft sand underneath and the slow splash of water swiping your feet and spend a relaxing time.

5. Dubai Desert

While sand dunning and camping at the vast Arabian Desert will cost a lot, cycling or just strolling through the golden sand will not cost anything. Just drive to the desert area and bask in its glory without costing a buck!

6. Camel Museum

This uniquely different museum hosts all that you want to know about the ship of the desert, camels. Simply enter the place without tickets and walk through the displays of preserved remains of camels, its skeletons, anatomy, fun facts and details about training camels. There are interactive videos and projections to gain information on the gentle beasts as well. 

Dubai camel safari

7. Watching wrestling matches

If you the sporty type you would simply love to enjoy watching a wrestling match and the best part is its free! Anyone can simply walk in and experience the zest and vigor of the professional wrestlers.

8. Participating in yoga classes

This will surely be a rewarding experience and moreover the yoga classes are free. Out in the open with nature at your side, feel rejuvenated with the special training by the experts.

9. Free movie under the open sky

This is an activity specially enjoyed by kids. Laze around on the grass under the sky and enjoy free screening of movies on the giant projector. Anyone can join the crowd and enjoy the hours watching few of the favorite pieces.

10. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Out in the open and near the mouth of Dubai Creek are thousands of various birds, specially pink flamingos. They dot the area in multitude and one can spot their favorite birds afar and enjoy a time with nature.

With these free accesses, Dubai will be an even more alluring place to visit! So simply don’t worry if you run out of money! There are all these places to have a great time!

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