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List of Most Common Dubai Customs Prohibited Items

These items are strictly prohibited and should not carry in Dubai. Make sure to follow the customs guidelines on banned items and avoid to carry while entering in Dubai. The customs regulations In Dubai are extremely stringent. Similar to any other destination, visitors may be checked by the customs authorities at the airport. However, the customs in Dubai are stricter owing to religious rules and traditions. Restricted products are any merchandise the import or export of which is denied under the arrangements of the Common Customs Law or some other direction or law pertinent in the State.

Banned items to carry in Dubai

 Though the restricted products are that merchandise the import or export of that is confined under the regulations of the Common Customs Law or some other direction or law pertinent in the State and may just be discharged subject to the endorsement of the skilled expert. Numerous travellers making a trip to the UAE purchase pharmaceuticals from India since they are more affordable there. Nonetheless, they are generally ignorant of the medications that are prohibited in the UAE and wind up arriving in prison subsequent to conveying these medications into the nation. Cooked and home-made nourishment are likewise restricted.

Below are popular products that are restricted in Dubai

  • Product imported from countries that are boycotted
  • Gambling tools, and any devices that us used in gambling
  • Products that are of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
  • Used, reconditioned and inlaid tires
  • Fishing nets that are of nylon and three-layered
  • Cooked and home-made foods
  • Publications Printed form, photographs, oil paintings, pictures, books, cards, magazines, stone sculptures and mannequins which negate the teachings of Islam, decency, or deliberately imply immorality.
  • Duplicate or forged currency
  • Radiation polluted goods
  • Original engravings, lithographs, prints, sculptures and statues in any kind of material
  • Raw ivory and rhinoceros horn
  • Any other goods, the importation of which is prohibited under the authority of UAE customs laws or any other laws in the country 

Additional Banned Items in Dubai

As specific synthetics and medications are prohibited in the UAE, it is fundamental to check and guarantee that the prescriptions which somebody is carrying do not contain a restricted or confined substance. On the off chance that for therapeutic or reasons for an emergency, one requires to carry any kind of medication, one ought to have a legitimate prescription from a UAE-authorized specialist. In the event that treatment was attempted outside the UAE, one must have both a prescription from the specialist and also a point by point therapeutic report.

Inhabitants and non-occupant patients can bring into the UAE at most a three-month supply of physician endorsed prescription, for their own utilization. Other than the opiates listed, all other kinds of recreational drugs that including:

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis and Sedatives

and its subordinates are restricted. Guests must be watchful of carrying in poppy seeds which are prohibited, so stay away from unintentionally conveying bread shop items that may contain such seeds. Likewise restricted items which are while allowable in a few nations but aren’t allowed in the UAE.

  • Betel leaf or nuts
  • Gutkha
  • Qat leaf
  • Niswar
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