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Sandboarding in Dubai

Sandboarding, much like snowboarding, is an adventure sport where the participant has his/her feet strapped to a board, which is specially designed to slide down dunes. Practiced in desert regions around the world, Dubai’s natural climate and topography make it one of the most sought after places for sandboarding enthusiasts. Sandboarding is an extremely safe adventure sport and can be enjoyed by members belonging to all age ranges.

Visitors to Dubai hardly miss the opportunity to experience sandboarding in its surrounding deserts. The city offers sand dunes of various heights and slopes, which has popularized it for sand-based sports and adventure activities across the world.

Our article on Sandboarding in Dubai attempts to inform interested readers about all there is to know about sand boarding in Dubai.

Is Sandboarding Safe?

Unlike other sand activity sports like driving a dune buggy up the desert dunes, sandboarding is much safer. All you need to do is strap your feet to a sandboard once you’ve walked up a sand dune and then let go. It doesn’t require any training or technique and doesn’t pose any threat of injury.

Is it Suited for Solo Travelers?

Many other adventure sports in Dubai actually happen to require individuals in tandem. However, sandboarding does not necessitate this, and solo travelers can have a ball cruising on Dubai’s sand dunes alone.

Is Sandboarding Expensive?

Some of the other adventure sports and activities offered by Dubai can weigh quite heavy on your pocket, but not sandboarding. You can find various deals and discounts on sandboarding that enable you to take part in this activity for quite an affordable charge. Although it is difficult to find sandboarding packages by itself, if you look hard enough, you might be able to land the deals you are looking for!

Will I Need to Sign an Indemnity Form?

It might be a safe adventure activity, but the service operating providing sandboarding activities will still want to be cleared of any responsibility shall you sustain any harm or injury during the activity. So, signing an indemnity form is a basic requirement before any individual can proceed with the activity.

Can I Carry Camera Equipment and Other Filming Gear?

If you’re planning to take photos or record yourself gliding down Dubai’s sand dunes, make sure you only carry camera equipment that is suited for rough use. You risk damaging your device and equipment otherwise.

Will There Be a Trainer On-Spot?

You may not need the training to participate in sandboarding, but there will be a trainer in charge of those signing up for this activity. The trainer will be responsible for providing these people with basic instructions as to how they should conduct themselves while engaging in this activity. If you’re a rank beginner, you should choose yourself a small sand dune, to begin with, for your own safety.

Winding Up

Sandboarding is a must-try when you are in Dubai. Safe and affordable, there is no reason you should pass on this experience. It is open for all age groups, and you can go sandboarding at any time of the day. Purchase yourself a sandboarding package and enjoy a day filled with sun, sand, and adventure. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and fully cover yourself up when you go out in Dubai’s scorching sun! You don’t want to get tanned.

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