Desert Safari Dubai

What is Desert Safari and Popular Activities

With the influx of various adventure sports and increasing trend of these sports among the youth, activities like desert safari have become very popular. So, if you wondering what’s a Desert Safari, so, let me tell you that, it is widely known as one of the ‘adventure sports’ one must try before time runs out! Desert Safari is one of major highlights of Dubai. This is one of the sports which is most suitable for the one with a rustic soul. It includes uninhibitedly rushing through sand dunes in a jeep.

What is Desert Safari - explained

What is Desert Safari Dubai

Wondering what exactly is Desert Safari and what activities to do at this place? In short, desert safari is an adventurous spot for those who love hummer & camel ride, nature and food. Desert Safari is one of the most well-known day trips in Dubai among tourists.  There are over 10 million yearly tourists who visit Dubai, so it is anything but difficult to figure that conducting desert safaris is a major business. There are several organizers, and everybody is guaranteeing and publicizing to provide the best experience of desert safari to the tourists. And we are among the few who offer best deals on Dubai Desert Safari that you can’t find anywhere else. Nonetheless a downside of wide choice is that the quality differs.

How it Works

The first and foremost step is to choose the kind of safari that is to be booked. We offer desert safaris in the morning, afternoons and night. The package includes related activities such as camel riding, belly dancing and shisha smoking.

Morning safari is the most preferred one among the other options as it is the perfect rush to start the day and moreover, who doesn’t want to rise along with the sun? With the perfect view of the sand dunes and the emerging sunlight the sport seems double the fun and mesmerizing.

Similarly, evening safari are the second favorite as the tourist are ardent sunset fans! The activities are followed by camps with all the comfort available for the tourists followed by a night full of glamming entertainment and scrumptious dinner. You should check overnight desert safari package details to know more.

Pros and Cons

  • The tourist must have a light meal prior to the sport as the vehicles rolls through sand dunes which results in harsh movement of the jeep which may be uncomfortable for people with stomach sensitivity.
  • It is imperative to wear a sun blocking lotion and carry other essentials such as sunglasses, hats and scarf. As the sun is peaking during the afternoon safari and the sand is harsh on the skin. Additionally, comfortable apparel is recommended, given the weather conditions that are suitable for the sport. Last but not the least sneak the camera into your bag to capture the beautiful experience and beauty of the desert.
  • Given the rough nature of the sport, pregnant women are prohibited from the sport. However, tourists must keep in mind to strap themselves securely during dune bashing.

Desert Safari Popular Activities

Yes! There is more. Apart from gushing through the sand dunes in a hulky jeep, desert safari is followed by several activities like:

  • Camel Riding

After the adrenaline rush tourists can enjoy a subtle journey throughout the desert by a camel ride with refreshing beverages and fruits to their service.

  • Shisha Smoking

Another prominent hint of the Arabic tradition is shisha smoking. It includes a pot filed with flavoured coal that tourists can smoke. This tradition is believed to be followed among the Arabic’s since centuries.

  • Hummer Riding

Hummer Riding is like the jeep ride safari, However slightly costly and more adventurous as, Off course, It’s a Hummer! The vehicle evokes an adrenaline rush at the first glance. Tourist are particularly excited for this extravagant ride through the dunes, rushing up and down!

  • Belly Dancing

As per the Arabic tradition, belly dancing is one of the most well-known dance forms that represent the Arabic era and give out a bohemian vibe in the Arabic sands. A group of extremely beautiful professionals perform this dance to entertain the tourist.

Most preferred Destinations for Desert Safari

As it is well-known that Dubai is the epitome of sand dunes and belly dancers and the riches of the Arabs, certainly the ultimate destination to have the experience of the sport.

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