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Things to do in Hatta Mountain – Top Places to Visit

When you are going for Hatta Mountain then make sure to visit these places and top things to do in Hatta. No doubt that these are the most beautiful places that includes Hatta Heritage Village, Dam and many other places. One of the most amazing and beautiful place in whole UAE is undoubtedly Hatta. Not only the people around the world but the people in UAE too like to spend time there as it is a natural getaway from the hectic life of the city.

Things To Do in Hatta Mountain

Places to Visit in Hatta Mountain

This picturesque place has a lot of things to look out for like massive mountains and natural pools which have crystalline water. Here we are going to describe about the things which you could do when you visit this place. Make sure to go for Hatta Mountain Safari trip to visit these places.

Check the Amazing Sights

This is the first thing you would like to do in Hatta. The sights here are so beautiful in all the directions that you will have to just watch in awe and wonder. You will be able to see the wonderful mountains here and can take pictures to capture the memory. Not only the rocky mountains but the people who are visiting here are able to watch the very stunning Hatta pools and the crystal clear blue sky. The place is at a one hour distance from Dubai and certainly worth a visit.

Cycle your way Out

The mountain bike trail in Hatta is the best place for cycling in the whole country. The visitors usually come with their own bike but the people who don’t have that can rent it from here and can get to Wolfi’s Dubai trail. The trails have a lot of different levels among them, from the beginners to the advanced all are equally welcome here. The trails here are absolutely free so anyone can do cycling here in the picture perfect wadis.  Also check the top tourist attractions of Dubai here in detail.

Kayak in Hatta Dam

The weather of Dubai is very hot most of the time so the people visiting here want to get a dip in cold water all the time. If you are thinking about doing so, the Hatta is the best place to do that in the whole country. The visitors can do the standup paddle and kayak here in the natural turquoise water here. The dam is surrounded by beautiful mountains so you can also enjoy the view. There is no perfect time for the kayak as you can do this all year round in the Hatta Dam.

Go For Hiking

Usually, Dubai is known for the luxury travel but people can get the taste of active tourism here too. Hiking is one of the best things to do here but it is very underrated in the country. Hatta is the best place for hiking here. The mountains and wadis here are the places where most of the hiking is done. But as the place is very hot, your preparation needs to be very good. For fighting the heat, please do carry a lot of water or your health will not keep up with the heat.

Hatta Heritage Village

When people think about Hatta, the first thing that comes to mind is the mountains, dam, and beautiful sights but not to forget that this is also one of the most historic places in the country. The Hatta Heritage village is almost 3000 years old. You can visit the place and take a look at what was life a few thousand years back. The most epic museum of the country has some of the oldest documents and artifacts.

Hatta Fort Hotel

If you going to visit the Hatta mountain, the best place to stay will be the JA Hatta Fort Hotel. The chalet style rooms of the hotel are a lot different from other resorts which you can see in Dubai. You can see the clear night sky here which is unavailable in Dubai due to the skyscrapers.

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