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Dubai Safari Park Al-Warqa – Dubai, Entry Ticket Fees, Timings

Dubai Safari Park (دبي سفاري) Al Warqa, Dubai is one of the latest and recently inaugurated tourist spot. Discover its opening timing, entry fees and attractions of Dubai Safari Park in detail. One of the best places to visit in Dubai is the Dubai Safari Park in Al Warqa. The opening of this amazing park was done on 12th December 2017. This park had replaced the previous zoo in Jumeirah. The park is spread in around 119 hectare area. The cost for creating this wonder is nearly Dh 150 million. Initially, the project will start with 2500 animals but the number will be doubled within 2020. A total of 350 species of animals will be seen among which there will be some endangered species.

Entrace gate of Dubai Safari Park Al-Warqa

Attractions of Dubai Safari Park

  • Safari Village: The place can be covered in around 45 to 120 minutes. The things you can see there are a bird theater where a total of 6 shows goes on in a day, Cheetah in the Jungle, feeding of Giraffe, brown lions and beers can be seen too. To whole tour will be conducted in air-conditioned jeep. To see the underwater world, you can visit the hypo-aquarium.
  • Arabian Village: It will take around 20 to 25 minutes to cover the village. The tour of this village will be done on a train and while the ride you can enjoy the view of birds, horse, falcons, and ostriches.
  • Asian Village: It will take around 30 to 90 minutes to cover the village. There are three major attractions here. You can walk around and view all of them. A 6 show theatre will be there to. You will enjoy the view of pandas, elephants, and monkeys there.
  • African Village: To complete the tour of the village, it can take between 90 to 140 minutes. Enjoy a great travel by train. There will be four stops in total where you can watch gorillas, lions, chimpanzee, hyenas, birds, and white dogs.
  • Children’s farm: It will take around 60 to 120 minutes to get the detailed information of animals in the farm. The farm is close to the entrance of the park. It is an educational zone where children will be explained about the behavior of the animals and how they can take care of them.

Ticket Price       

  • Children: The entry fee for children is Dh20 without Safari Village and with Safari Village, the price is Dh 30.
  • Adults: The adult entry fee without Safari Village is Dh 50 and with Safari Village it is Dh 85.
  • Free Entry: The children below the age of 3, adult over 60 years of age and people with special needs will be given free entry to the park.

More information about Dubai Safari Park 

  • Among many things there are Butterfly park, entertainment and recreational areas, and golf courses in the park.
  • There are four villages named Arabian Village, Asian Village, African Village, and Safari Village where animals from different continents are kept.
  • Some of the biggest features of this park is the top notch air-conditioned rocks, misting machines, one of the largest in-house theaters, and chilled pools so that you could fully enjoy at summer.
  • You can see here animals like beers, lions, elephants, bats, tigers, cheetahs, and many more.
  • The theatre here will be very big and they will have the capacity of 1000 seats.
  • To complete the tour of the whole park, a tour of 8 hours will be enough. You will also find a hotel there.
  • For your food, there is a total of four restaurants in the park.
  • Due to the excess heat, the park will open only at evening during summer.
  • You will get to see the mountains, the desert, and the steppe in the Arabic Village.
  • In the African Village, you can experience the savannah and the rainforest.

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