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Dubai World Expo 2020 – All You Need to Know

With a motto of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, World Expo 2020 is scheduled to be held in Dubai, UAE.  This international exhibition currently has around 180 countries confirmed with the start date being on October 20, 2020 and end date on April 10, 2021. The Bureau of International Expositions, Paris declared Dubai to be the host country for Expo 2020. From then preparations have been started in full swing to obtain the desired infrastructure to host such a grand event where innumerable countries of the world come together for a cause. Expo 2020 is the first international expo to be hosted in the Middle East, Asia and Africa region.

What it is?

World Expo aims at displaying the achievements of each of the participating nations. About 25 million people are expected to visit the expo of which it has been observed 70% outside the host country. About 200 participants including nations, organizations, educational sectors and businesses are expected to come together.

Where World Expo 2020 will be held?

The event spans for about six months spread across a vast area of 438 hectares/4.38 square km of space. The area is includes parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi bordering western borders of Dubai. The location is nearby AL Maktoum Airport and is easily commutable from all parts of the city. The place can be reached with ease also from Dubai International Airport as well as Abu Dhabi International Airport. The Abu Dhabi and Dubai cruise terminals take almost 44,000 passengers everyday to the expo spot.


The master design incorporates a central plaza Al Wasi circled by three huge pavilions. The main theme is based on a falcon structure and revolves around ideas concerning all humanity. Each of the pavilions has individual sub-themes i.e. Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Opportunity Pavilion: Come and see the world come together to celebrate social well being and belongingness through unique solutions for social problems. There are live programs which are unique and enriching in its way!

Mobility Pavilion: This section aims to showcase few of the ingenious inventions and opportunities that go beyond present digital connectivity. It enables its visitors to envision new ideas and make new possibilities and exploring new frontiers which unfurl several possibilities.

Sustainability: This interesting section incorporates several options which deal with balancing our natural resources. From food, energy and water this section houses few of the most innovative alternatives to preserve the planet’s natural resources.

What to Expect in Dubai Expo

  • A 360 degree surface projection on the Al Wasi dome structure made entirely of steel. The Opportunity pavilion is made with all natural material which includes 111 km rope and 2.5k tone stones.
  • With over 200 + food outlets, the place never fails to tantalize your taste buds. Chose from multitude of options to satiate your taste buds with a variety of food across all continents.
  • The observation deck lets you stunning views of the entire expo for that perfect Instagram post!
  • Whether you are an artist or just an art lover, browse through local and international art installations
  • The entire place has Arabian designs providing shady canopies and theme based Arabic trees and scenes from the desert
  • The Expo also houses indoor and outdoor auditoriums and public spaces for celebrations and conferences
  • There are 60+ live shows scheduled everyday and 15 hours of entertainment daily
  • Get glimpses of the future through hyperloop
  • Discover possibilities of 3D printing
  • Innovative landscapes and international architecture is what makes the place buzzing with visitors
  • World Majlis holds global discussions to share ideas of topics of the future


  • The Expo estimates an area of 4.38 km which is 4 times the last expo in 2015
  • It has its own metro capable of commuting 23,000 passengers at a time
  • The three pavilions are larger than the Grand Central Station of New York City
  • 400 mega watt of electricity will be provided by Dewa’s Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park saving almost 2.3 million tones of CO2 as compared to coal. Being true to the sustainability sub-theme, almost half of the electricity produced for the Expo is renewable
  • A 3,000 square feet souvenir shop, double the size of Dubai Mall’s ice skating rink is located inside the Expo
  • The four gates are capable of letting in 15,000 visitors every hour
  • During the 6 month tenure the Expo will need 5 million meals for its workforce
  • All the amazing architectural marvels will be reinstalled later after the Expo
  • The Expo will commence on the 50th UAE National Day
  • More than 3000 volunteers come together to work together


This is a life time event that every one should attend who love to explore new things. The Dubai World Expo 2020 will not only give huge opportunity for employment but also open several doors for new technology.

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