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10 Important Dubai Laws for Tourists and Residents

Dubai is a fascinating place for travelling and having a great time. The Emirate city is bestowed with a breath-taking panorama of modern skyscrapers along with the magic of the Bedouin life amidst the vast golden desert speaking much about Dubai’s traditions and ancient life. Dubai has become a hot-spot for tourists from all over the world amassing over a million tourists every year.

But Dubai being a Muslim dominated city follows strict rules and regulations for their residents as well as tourists. What seems normal for socializing in other countries may not be welcome in Dubai due to stringent religious and ethical rules.

10 Important Dubai Laws for Tourists

Dubai Important laws for tourists

It is always advisable to understand the city’s rules and abide by them to avoid any legal hassles and enjoy the vacation worry free. Here are a few major rules listed below:

Careful packing

Items like pork, poppy seeds, alcohol are forbidden in Dubai. Even carrying porn magazines, DVDs, CDs etc. are strictly prohibited and can land one into serious trouble. Poppy seeds are considered as drugs and are thus not allowed. Any kind of drugs, even prescription ones and painkillers should be wholly avoided while packing.

Dress code

Dubai may be extremely modern in all respects but has reservations regarding public dress code. Hijab is not mandatory for tourists but women are expected to dress covering most part of the body and avoid any kind of transparent material. Swimsuits are allowed only on few private beaches and hotel pools. Topless sunbathing is totally restrained and many were arrested for doing so. Women need to cover their arms and legs fully in public and modest dressing is propagated through various announcements in shopping malls. Men cross dressers are not allowed and may get arrested for doing so. Men are not allowed to walk around bare chested.

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Eating in public

Festival time in Dubai can be extremely rewarding as the same reflects and displays colorful decorations and speaks much about the place’s traditions. But during the month of fasting it becomes extremely difficult for tourists to maintain strict rules about eating. During the month of the holy festival of Ramadan no one is allowed to eat or drink in public during day time.

Many tourists were arrested for doing so. Even a tiny bite can cause a lot of trouble and attract huge fines. However many restaurants screen off the eating area for foreign travelers to have their meals during this time.


Although many hotels do not ask about a couple’s relationship while checking in, authorities might enquire if a couple is sharing a room without marriage. Sex before marriage or liveins are strictly not allowed in Dubai. Reported rape victims were arrested for having sex beyond marriage or before marriage respective of whether it was forced or not.

Sexual orientation

Gays and lesbians are not welcomed and it is illegal in Dubai to be one for the residents. However gay tourists are not arrested but are expected to not reveal their identity to avoid trouble and travel safely.


Public display of affection is not tolerated in Dubai and many foreign travelers were arrested and sent to jail for kissing, hugging and even holding hands in public. Playing loud music and dancing is also restricted in public and is only allowed in few bars indoors.


Spitting, swearing and any other offensive hand gestures can cause imprisonment and heavy fines. Aggression in any form is not tolerated even in minor forms and strict legal actions are taken immediately. Eve teasing is a serious offence and can cause life imprisonment as well. Any undesirable comment about Dubai’s religion can have fatal consequences.

Smoking and Alcohol

Public smoking and alcohol consumption are not allowed and doing so will have grave consequences. Drinking is only allowed in licensed hotel bars. Tourists can not cue up to get hold of a bottle of liquor and can be behind bars for doing so.


Tattoos are not preferred and one should be aware to cover up if there is any offensive word, picture or slogan etched on the skin.

Social media updates

Cyber crime laws have become extremely strict and anyone found filming the local public and making parodies or offensive comments on social media are taken into serious custody.

While travelling to this amazing Emirate city can be extremely rewarding maintaining rules will ensure safe and un-hassled experience and will be a happy ending to you travel. Pack you bags, revise the rules and get set go to this amazing land of the golden sand, glorious beaches and towering skyscrapers!

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