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Desert Safari Without Dune Bashing

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How can Dubai trip be complete without seeping in the beauty and the mystery of the vast Arabian sand dunes!

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Stretching endless, the desert offers spectacular views and is effortlessly beautiful and exciting to explore. Whether in broad daylight or in the shrouds of darkness, the desert has been a hot favorite amongst tourists who opt for other activities than sand dunning. A stark contrast with the fastest growing city in the world, the sand dunes are tucked away from the din of the city and offer a calm and relaxing experience to its tourists. From magical candle light dinners to authentic Bedouin music the desert has in store a multitude of sensory experiences waiting to be explored. The desert might seem to be lonely and secluded but from dusk to dawn it is packed with a whole lot of things to do. Whether it be a slow tranquil camel ride or a quick tour in a jeep, the desert holds an array of amazing experiences. Let yourself loose in the wilderness or amidst the royal treatment of the locals, whether it be broad daylight or be the rosy hues of the sinking sun or even the darkness of the night, Dubai desert is always a new experience.  Let’s check out the packages on offer:

Sunrise Safari

What could be more pleasing than witnessing the magnificent golden sunrise amidst the vast sea of sand. Witness the majestic sunrise at the break of dawn and be awestruck by its beauty. Ride on camel backs, as you slowly ride through the cool desert sand and stretch your eyes as far as it can. The journey starts before the break of dawn amidst the rosy hues of the morning sky. Take amazing photos as our guide trek you through the cool sand underneath your feet and catch a glimpse of flying falcons.

Morning Safari

Many choose the morning safari in order to avoid the heat of the day. The cool soft breeze is sure to calm your senses and give you great views of the place. Catch a glimpse of the varied fauna and discover desert flora in its virgin beauty. Take a quick tour in our open air jeeps or on camel back to view various species of animals like the rare Arabian Oryx, gazelle, Wildcat and desert monitors. Our friendly guides will surely fill in with interesting facts about the place!

Camel Safari

Well known as the ‘ship of the dessert’ camel riding is a rewarding experience. Enjoy the thrill of this ride as you slowly head towards the interiors of the desert and experience the waves of undulating golden sand dunes dazzling and glimmering in the sun. Enjoy the relaxing ride as our guides dressed in traditional attire hike you through the sand dunes. Observe the place from the appropriate elevation and joy the infinity of the desert surrounded by mystery and amazing stories about the lives of the Bedouins.

Luxury Safari

If luxury is the word that fancies you hop on to the most lavish and luxurious tour with us. Expect everything king size and enjoy all the God like attention with scrumptious food fit for the king, exotic refreshments and world class entertainment as you sit back and relax amidst the never ending sea of sand. Royal tents and special traditional entertainment awaits your presence in the wilderness. Feel comfortable sitting on the plush pillows and get five star treatments as you chat and dine with soft music and aromatic herbs surrounding you. The enclosure is a cozy little place with perfect soft lighting in the middle of nowhere! The star sheet covers your head while the cool sand feels like a therapy under your feet.

Night Safari

Nothing can be more exciting than to take a walk through the lonely desert under the dark sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars. The calmness of the desert is coupled with the enchanting music of the locals, dim bonfire lights and amazing Bedouin food! Activities include star gazing and desert exploration through night vision cameras of those nocturnal creatures that come out once the place begins to cool down. This is a whole new experience in contrast to the heat of the day. Don’t forget to ask for those telescopes to make star gazing even more exciting! Spot the galaxies and be thrilled by the magic of the night.

Now that you are sure that desert in Dubai is not just for squad biking and dune bashing, you can pack your rug sacks and hit the road to the land of sand. Don’t forget to put tons of sunscreen during the day and carry hats, and head scarves to keep the heat waves at bay. Carry light shrugs and shawls or jackets if planning to explore the desert during the night.

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