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Top 10 Things to do in Dubai Desert 2023

If you are considering a desert experience, Dubai is a top destination anytime. You should know that a visit to Dubai is a sham without a stop at the iconic Dubai desert.

To the advantage of the emirate, the beauty of the almost endless bronze sounds and sun-burnt dunes of the deserts are second to none around the world. If you are adventurous and you have a huge fascination for the desert, Dubai desert is your sure destination.

If you are already having ideas, check out some of the fascinating desert experiences you could have anytime you are in Dubai.

  1. Indulge the amazing experience of the Desert Safari

dubai safari in winter

There is hardly a better way of exploring Dubai than experiencing the splendid Desert. Drive through the massive, well-arranged, steep bronze sands and the dunes while having an experience of a lifetime.

You can experience the Desert through any of the media provided and there is countless number of them. You can also take the time to admire the landscapes, and enjoy local dishes after your experience through the magnificent Desert Safari.

  1. The Falcon Experience

One of the many fascinating experiences you will enjoin in the famous Dubai desert is the UAE’s falconry experience.

You will have the privilege of watching the huge predatory birds bath through the sands of the deserts in its natural strength and learn so many things about them. You will also enjoy the breathtaking views deserts as the falcons take you through a lifetime experience with their speed and agility.

  1. Drift Through the Desert on a Quad Bike

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If you are an adventurous type with a good dose of energy burning through your skin, drifting through the Arabian Desert on a quad bike may be a good idea. This is a thrilling adventurous that gives you a biking experience on a new level.

You quad bike from the famous Big Red dune and run down the steep, sloppy sands in a most fascinating ways for as long as 30 minutes.

  1. Enjoy a Hummer Ride through Desert

The best way to have a complete Desert Safari anytime of the day is to undertake the exotic Hummer ride.

You will be able to maneuver your ways through the difficult desert terrains and stop at choice places to have glimpses of the layout of the desert. You will also be able to take lifetime shots that will keep the memory of the Safari with you for years.

  1. Experience Al Maha Desert Resort

Al Maha is another breathtaking experience you shouldn’t ever miss at the famous desert. Al Maha is a masterpiece resort in the desert and should offer you one of the experiences that would stick on for a long time.

You will see the desert reserves at the resort, enjoy quality meals at the restaurants and be treated to a life of a king.

  1. Glide Through the Dune on a Snowboard

This is about the best way to experience the dunes of the deserts in a most fascinating and unimpeded manner. Learn the basics of how to use the snowboards and glide through the sands in styles.

If you manage to master the intricacies of sand-boarding, nothing stops you from doing a race with a fellow sand-boarder. Besides interruption by harsh weathers, sand-boarding exercise is an everyday game.

  1. Overnight Experience

You can also take advantage of staying overnight in the desert to bask in the special experience of the Arabian Desert. You will be availed different king-size apartments with adequate space to enjoy the late atmosphere, and catch late glimpses of the stars and skies around the Desert. Some of these luxurious apartments come with almost everything you could think of in a hotel including a customized swimming pool.

Interestingly, these will give you the opportunities to have a glimpse into the desert experience that is unavailable in the day.

  1. Enjoy Fat bikes

Fat bikes give you that luxurious experience plus total access to see through every part of the desert while biking. You navigate the tough, difficult mountain-like terrains since the fat bikes are designed to slide through such obstacles.

You will be able to explore the desert flora and see wildlife through the 5 hours biking experience.

  1. Enjoy Camel Rides

desert safari in dubai

The camels are considered one of the traditional heritages of the emirate. You shouldn’t even boast of having experienced the real Dubai desert safari without riding on the “ship of the Middle East” as they are commonly called.

Bask in the strength and calmness of getting carried across the sands on the back of those gentle beasts.

  1. Enjoy the Dune Buggy

Lastly, you can also enjoy the magnificent beauty of the desert and be treated to limitless fun as you bask in the power of the dune buggy unleashing the beauties of the dunes right before your eyes.

Supported by guards, dune buggies are some of the finest ways to get the best view of the desert anytime.

If you are confused about your next destiny to escape the hustles of the city and unwind, your thinking time is up. Get going!

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